Content Is King

content-is-king1Time and again we are reminded that the nature of what something is is the most important aspect of telling its story (and marketing, for me, is all about story telling). Tell me what it is you have, how it was designed, what it actually does, not just what it intends to do, and I can start crafting that story. But marketing absent great content is little more than a set of clever, maybe even downright brilliant ideas masking the fact that there is no there there. Take a look at this clip telling musicians / bands how to effectively utilize social media and technology to garner a following. It’s mind-boggling the array of choices that we have for all of this. But of course the really important thing is whether or not the music is any good. Whether it touches people, compels them to listen again and again and tell all of their friends. Absent great songs the rest of it is merely clever marketing at best.

This goes for whatever you’re hoping people engage with. An event, a book, a product, a resource or an idea. Focus on the content, the soul, the distinguishing characteristic of something before anything else. Because the marketing channels will undoubtedly change, but great content can go anywhere.