Frosty Westering Turned It All Upside Down

Turning everything upside down. That is what Frosty Westering, longtime football coach of Pacific Lutheran University did in his amazing run of 32 years as coach. Not a single losing season. Four Division IIIA national championships and four additional trips to title games. A former drill instructor in the Marines, Frost Westering denied that stereotype and many others in teaching his players a different view of sportsmanship, service and character. This recap of his life, written by SportsOnEarth writer Chuck Culpepper, which I first discovered via Sports Illustrated’s Peter King (@si_peterking), has been an inspiration all week as news of the catastrophe in Boston has dominated news, conversations and thoughts (and rightfully so). After reading this article I can only think that any PLU player that may have been in Boston would have been among the scores running directly into the melee to help and take care of people all around.

To read of a football coach that demanded that his players sing, that they admired the nature surrounding their Seattle location, that they helped opponents up after being hit, and who won over 300 games in a 32 year career was an experience in seeing the radical nature of denying conventional wisdom for something more important. Perhaps what is more apparent about the life of Frosty Westering is that he not only treated everyone how he’d liked to be treated, but that he would go out of his way to do so, and to instill that ethic in the players in his charge. By all accounts he did it with kindness, with humor, by surprise and with joy. Practical jokes, belly flops, put-ups (instead of put downs) and singing were just a few of the hallmarks of his program.

As for what this has to do with Dunk Tank Marketing, it’s the sort of thing that reminds us that whoever the end user, customer, etc. is the person we are trying to serve, and to help guide our clients to serve. Because this story shows that it’s not just about a feel good moment, but about a lifelong pursuit of service, of joy, of respect and of character, and that that produces something. For Frosty Westering and the PLU football team it meant a 32-year streak of winning seasons. Bit more than that, it meant 32 years of bearing witness to the joy of service and building character. It also looks like a lot of fun. Thanks Frosty. Thanks Chuck Culpepper for writing this inspiring testament. And thanks Peter King for sharing it with your considerable audience.