In The Tank For Education Episode #1: Librarians, Ninjas and Comic-Con

Welcome to the In The Tank For Education podcast! This is a new series where we'll be talking with some of the most inspiring and insightful people in education. We'll be asking about the ever-changing world of developing people into learners and critical thinkers, as well as asking our guests to help us decode and break down the alphabet farm of acronyms and edu-speak that can come with the territory.

Our first episode features a conversation with Anthony Devine, a teacher-librarian at El Cajon Valley High School in El Cajon, CA. Anthony is also a Google Ninja (a real think), an advocate of digital portfolios (we'll find out what those are), and a good friend.

We hope you'll join us in this venture to dig into some wonderfully smart and passionate people who are engaged in what may be the most important profession we have.

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