Tuesday Music Thing: Ten Out Of Tenn

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Nobody is a genius alone. Regardless of our inherent talent, abilities and intellect, it takes others to sharpen, challenge, encourage and push us. For several years now a rotating group of up and coming musicians in Nashville have joined together to build a bigger platform for each other and for the greater music community in Nashville. Ten Out Of Tenn has just released its 4th compilation and begun a tour of the southeast, east coast and midwest. It’s a fantastic collection of songs from a diverse set of artists, including Butterfly Boucher (also seen as Sarah McLachlan’s bass player), pop troubadour KS Rhoads, moody southern gothic rock from Trent Dabbs, quirk-pop songwriter Katie Herzig and more.

It was started several years ago with help from performing rights organization BMI to help some of their affiliated songwriters gain some notoriety and awareness outside of Music City and showcase the talents of the myriad artists doing interesting pop, rock and indie music. The Ten Out Of Tenn brand has spawned 4 compilation records, several tours and a documentary film called Any Day Now.

The cast of artists changes somewhat each year, though many participants have been involved from the start. And as the brand gains fans and followers, so does each artist, allowing them to engage new listeners, alert them to tour dates and find new opportunities. When the official tour is complete, Herzig and Boucher are already set to hit the road together. Several artists take the time to pimp one another; we’ve already gotten messages or seen posts from Herzig & Boucher regarding their admiration for Rhoades and newcomer Andrew Belle. And no doubt that when Boucher’s other band, Elle Macho, is ready to roll, Ten Out Of Tenn fans will hear about it.

Take a look at the website to see how well these individual artists are working together and seeing growth come from their generosity, willingness and desire to work together. It’s not just musicians who can learn from this approach, but similarly minded brands, companies, non-profits and peers in similar markets. What this allows is for a mindset of abundance as opposed to scarcity. There’s more to written on that later this week, bit for now, check out Ten Out Of Tenn, listen to some great music, and see how a grass roots partnership can expand everyone’s vision and audience.