When driving across the country there’s always that romantic notion of taking roads less travelled, hitting out of the way places and meeting the folks behind those spots. I am the child of such wanderers, having visited places like the Indiana covered bridge festival, a West Virginia rattlesnake pit, and the now defunct Elvis Is Still Alive Museum. There’s a challenge, however, when you’re in a 26-foot long truck, towing a car, and needing to get yourself to point B in a relatively short amount of time. So while Penske’s deal of unlimited miles for any one-way rental could keep me happily on the road for weeks at a time, visiting American Obscura every day, the fact of the matter is that I’ve got to get myself and my stuff to San Diego. But fear not, fellow road trippers, self-movers and fans of the interesting, unique, strange, or just plain weird. Thanks to resources like the good folks at the Roadside America website (http://bit.ly/115N1tw), there are myriad chances for the motivated traveler to see some great sights while also hauling booty to get to your destination. On this trip, the task was simple: map out the most interesting sounding options of places to visit that are no more than 10 miles off of the interstate.

And I’d like to get your input. So for the next few days I’ll be posting surveys that list various locations that are on the list of possible stops, and asking which ones are of the most interest to you. Take some time to vote, and we’ll see how your picks match up with the things that we’re eyeballing already. Just click here and vote.