Why Gizmodo Thinks You’ll Buy A Smart Watch

They think we’ll all want one.
They think we’ll all want one.

A couple of weeks ago Gizmodo ran this story laying out their argument for the value and desirability of smart watches. Part of their reasoning seems to lie in the momentum behind the concept, from existing products like the $10 million Kickstarter-funded Pebble and the seemingly Rodeo Drive ready Martian Watch, to the chatter of development by Samsung and of course Apple.

Their arguments (paraphrased) – Glancing at info saves time – You’ll live longer because it will track your calories, heart rate, etc. – They can extend your phone’s battery life – You’ll be able to do more with your voice – Smart watches are more discreet

Seems to me like a series of thin arguments. Aside from being able to do more with your voice, I’m not sure that the others are really going to drive the adoption of another device that syncs with a phone. Discretion? Really? As if we won’t get busted for the watch glance almost as easily as a phone glance?

I almost bought into the Pebble simply because it looked great and sounded fun and cool, but I realized that I hadn’t worn a watch (or missed doing so) in 10 years. Was it really going to make my life that much easier? On top of that there’s the fact that I don’t need to deal with the annoying task of finding a comfortable watch band that doesn’t rip out hairs on my arm (metal bands), give me a band of sweat (plastic) or produce an even whiter swatch of skin on my Scandinavian epidermis (all of them).

Who knows? If the price point is decent enough it may be worth the purchase to extend battery life in place of a Mophie or a similar device. I’m curious but skeptical. I’ll be fine with being wrong if that’s how things go, but for now I’ll keep glancing at the phone and waiting for Siri to really understand me.