About Dunk Tank Marketing

Dunk Tank Marketing is a collective of marketing and media professionals who believe that it’s far better to have fans than customers, advocates than an audience, and a community rather than a consumer group. We work to provide solutions for clients in creating meaningful experiences and relationships between brands and their fans.

We have a wide range of capabilities that range from consulting and training to strategic planning, branding / positioning, content creation and full-scale implementation of campaigns.
We also work with clients to develop meaningful integration of social media and accessible technologies to deliver relevant and effective solutions.

We love telling compelling and engaging stories that reflect the soul of our clients’ projects and invite people to become advocates for those stories.


About Dave Palmer, Founder

Dave Palmer is the founder and Chief Dunker of Dunk Tank Marketing. He is a Cubs fan, discovered punk rock as a teenager at a church music camp, has visited more than 20 countries, and loves connecting people, organizations and ideas to one another.

Having graduated from Valparaiso University with a double major in English and Theology, he took the most predictable route for those disciplines and began a 17-year career in the music business. Working primarily for smaller divisions of larger companies (such as Sony, Warner Brothers, EMI, and BMG) helped him to see opportunities across a wide spectrum, and to navigate complex bureaucracies while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.

When the music business was imploding, Dave left for a short stint in the publishing and events/training world (at a small division of Harper-Collins), before launching Dunk Tank Marketing in 2010. Serving clients in education, entertainment and the non-profit world feeds his desire to learn from diverse experiences and people.

With Dunk Tank Marketing, Dave revels in the opportunities that present themselves to help clients tell their “best true stories.”

“If we start with the truth, we can build trust and relationships with our clients’ audiences. That’s the most durable quality of any campaign. Once people trust our clients, we can build special things.”

When not working, Dave loves to spend time with his family (his wife of 20+ years, his two kids, and their moody schnauzer), play music in San Diego’s premiere classic alternative cover band, Resurrection Radio, explore San Diego’s neighborhoods, and dig in crates at record stores.