Strategic Marketing

We can help you develop and implement strategic marketing plans for product lines, campaigns or overall corporate communication. We start by assessing your core need, as well as your greatest strengths and competencies. We customize plans to take advantage of who you are and what you do best. We also account for weaknesses and gaps in your skill set (and everyone has them), to help you not be blind to these spots. In fact, your awareness of these spots will help you avoid making mistakes and directing your efforts in ways that don’t communicate your core message.

branding & messaging

How do you perceive yourself? How are you perceived? Are you telling the most important stories about who you are, or the ones you think people want to hear?

We work with clients to get to the heart of who you are and what you do, and then develop messaging and branding design to communicate that message to the audience best suited to engage with you.


Social brands derive much of their interest from having original and compelling content. This content drives engagement and word-of-mouth pass along.

In designing strategies and campaigns for social media, we can also identify, create and re-purpose content to drive greater engagement and audience identification with your brand.

Whether you need video content, a podcast, mobile apps or want to determine the best use of existing content and how to utilize it for your audiences, we can produce or design that for you, and work with what you already have.


Imaging & Design. Look and feel. User experience. All of these are important components in conveying what is most important to you to communicate to an audience. The greatest content, packaged irrelevantly, will struggle to find its audience. Cumbersome user experience and difficult-to-locate content will, likewise, result in a loss of opportunity to engage.

We consult on the direction of graphic design, user experience and collateral materials, and also work with award-winning designers to give your content the best chance to be noticed.


We know that social media is as much about how you’re being social, and with whom, as it is about how well you use the resources available. We work with you to best identify target audiences, the leading voices within those networks, and then engage with content and communication that allows you to be a part of the conversations happening around your ideas.

We can design and execute campaigns that immerse you in these diverse communities and provide for greater peer-to-peer sharing of content and information.

Consulting and Training

CONSULTING: If what you need is a deeper dive to examine whether to engage in a new campaign, and how to best design and implement those processes, we can help. Based on your needs we can design a consulting program to help you with assessment, design, implementation and measurement of your strategic marketing efforts.

TRAINING: Are you working to determine how to best engage more of your staff in the conversations happening in social media? Do you have key fans, supporters and partners who you would like to engage in telling your story in a more formal way?

We work to design plans that engage more of your team in the process, adding to the number of relationships telling your stories, as well as helping organizations develop their staff, give them greater ownership of the content, and valuable professional skills.