The Challenge

Create and introduce a brand identity for the nutrition services department.


  • Developed brand name.
  • Developed brand logo for introduction to the district.
  • Created and introduced brand guidelines to serve as inward and outward facing resources.

The Work

  • Brand Name: developed a creative brief to achieve client’s goals for a name and accompanying values to communicate. Assisted in focus group testing.
  • Logo: Creative brief guided the creation of a logo and style guide for colors, fonts and usage.
  • Brand Guidelines: Worked with key staff and influencers to define brand promise, vision, mission, voice, personality and purpose.

Examples of our work:


Strategy: Clarity in Communicating Message

  • Clearly define needs and outcomes so that the final product aligns with those needs and isn't a stand-alone graphic.
  • Involve influential staff and students in aspects to build in ownership.
  • Develop a robust guide to communicate the brand that can be used in internal and external communication.