The Challenge


Develop content and partnerships to engage a wide spectrum of faith-based audiences in an original television series.



  • Highest rated series debut on NationalGegraphicChannel.com
  • 4th highest rated single episode in network’s history
  • Developed a wide-ranging set of discussion guide resources from faith leaders across the religious spectrum.

The Work

  • Discussion Guides: developed discussion guides for each episode and included scholarly reflections from leaders in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.
  • Podcast Series: Developed a series of post-show reflections with leading religious podcast network, Homebrewed Christianity.
  • Publicity: secured faith-based media opportunities for Morgan Freeman and the series producers.
  • Screening Events: Secured venues and hosted preview screening events in key markets to engage key influencers in faith communities.

STRATEGY: A Voice For All.

  • Utilize name and brand awareness of Morgan Freeman and National Geographic to engage faith leaders on a short time line.
  • Clearly communicate that many faiths were positively represented and gave voice to those communities.
  • Develop resources to serve as entry points for a wide-ranging spectrum of faith communities and people interested in spirituality.