The Challenge


Increase engagement with and awareness of the successes and programs of a local public school district.



  • 2.5x traffic to district web site within 6 months.
  • Established regular presence for the district with local media.
  • Designed year-long editorial strategy for district initiatives
  • Created written and visual records of key district initiatives

The Work

  • Website Content: Created custom visuals to accompany all written news items; designed editorial content calendar.
  • Videos: Created a series of videos showcasing district priority initiatives; assisted individual school sites with visual support when needed.
  • Podcast: Designed the concept and produced a podcast series for the district to provide another means of communication through a growing media format.
  • Community Partnerships: Established ongoing communication partnerships with groups such Chamber of Commerce, PTA and school foundations.
  • Publicity: Established a regular presence for the district with local English and Spanish language media, including TV, radio, print and digital media.  
  • School-based Branding: Helped specific school sites to focus their identities through the creation of branding documents, logos, graphic assets and videos.  

Strategy: Show > Tell


Show the work. Many schools talk and write but we created a visual representation of the work that drove engagement.

  • Serve Local Media: Make sure that media saw VUSD as a solution to their desire to cover education stories.
  • Engage Community Partners: Invite partners to become communication channels, driving P2P impressions and word of mouth.
  • Narrative Editorial Approach: Focus on priority efforts to tell a story throughout a school year - not just random news.