The Challenge 

Increase participation in and awareness of an innovative school food program.


  • 16.5% increase in participation year-over-year at focus group locations
  • 4.3% increase in participation year-over-year district-wide
  • Boosted community awareness of innovative programs
  • Established awareness of Farm To School initiative


  • Branding: We established a district-wide brand, complete with developing a logo, standalone website, creating signage, updated menu design, staff apparel and community visibility. 
  • Videos: We created a series of videos to showcase the work of the department. Clips targeted various segments, and some were designed for use in classrooms to accompany nutrition education lessons. Check out the videos here.
  • On-campus: From school-wide assemblies to single classroom visits, tasting experiences in cafeterias and student-led design challenges, we've embedded nutrition outreach into the fabric of schools. 
  • Social media: We've established social media channels to share images, information and celebrations of our clients' work.
  • Student Advocates: We've developed programs that let students' voices and ingenuity take center stag with their peers to engage in nutrition-related activities. 
  • Publicity: TV, radio, digital media, print media, in English and Spanish, we've cultivated relationships with local media outlets to share our clients' stories with wider audiences. 


  • Assume excellence. Don't engage in defensiveness.
  • Emphasize the taste of the food over nutrition, showcase local and organic ingredients.
  • Establish and elevate the brand
  • Have fun: videos and images reflect an emotion and experience
  • Train staff in customer service: every child, every day
  • Stay visible in the community: Chamber of Commerce, PTA, media, etc.
  • Establish the program as a model and influencer for other districts.